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Hi! I'm a homeschooling mum of two wonderful little girls, Little Miss A (age 4) and Little Miss S (age 7). I live with my dear husband (Mister Mooster) and my girls in Chicago, IL. A daughter of a U.S. Army Sergeant and a British mum, I am a certifiable Army Brat. And yes, I am Muslim!...questions? Please ask!

Arts and crafts of yesteryear intrigue me immensely. I love costuming, especially historic costuming. Embroidery is my favourite pastime. I've just begun quilting. I love to draw, paint, and do calligraphy, too. Actually, never met a craft I didn't like. :)

LJ is my only online presence. I am restricting myself from oozing onto Twitter, Facebook, etc. because I spend WAY too much time on LJ as it is. So, my journal is combination blog/journal/photo album. (I am on Yahoo/Flickr as aalia7).

Pleased to meet you! Happy to be here! :)