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Safe in the hallowed quiets of the past

My eighth grade students broke the news to me this morning; barely keeping it together at work.

Didn't realise how much he symbolised. 

Holiday Pictures - Post 2

Here we are at the Strand - the riverside leisure area I frequented as a kid. Some of my best memories are from the Strand, and it's super special to see my kids enjoying the same things I did. Being a complete gypsy all my life, this is the first time I've experienced something like this and it's magical.

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Next post will include our visit to a farm which included a recreation of a wartime village. 38 days is just not long enough! I wanna stay!

Popping in to report....


They are actually rebooting it.  If Fox messes it up, they will have my wrath with which to contend.



55 Years Young

It would be SO wrong of me not to pop in and post. Many happy returns, Professor.


On the twelfth day of Christmas, aalia7 sent to me...
Twelve qltr22s drumming
Eleven clawravenscrofts piping
Ten shaebays a-leaping
Nine izumisan0s dancing
Eight thetrace360s a-milking
Seven shecrazy13s a-sewing
Six cosmictwirlings a-costuming
Five ofe-e-e-enjens
Four hp5freaks
Three droxys_dads
Two jewells68s
...and a snape in a pear tree.

Get your own Twelve Days:

...and a Snape in a pear tree.




What I Was Doing Today.....

....instead of lesson planning.

And why I'm up at 1:02 finishing said lesson planning.

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I am a worse procrastinator than any of my 11-year-old students.


Farewell, Faithful Steed.

SO BUSY. It's Eid and we are SO BUSY.

In the midst of all this we are selling my baby. My sweet, sweet baby. I'll probably be shuttling the kids to and from school in the coming year, so my sweet, sweet baby is too much of a gas guzzler. Especially for the g-i-a-n-t distances in Texas.

I have mentioned that I am a bit of a gearhead. So I will shamelessly overshare gorgeous pics of my sweet, sweet baby.

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We are looking into hybrids, most likely a Ford Fusion.


Not sure how "exclusive" these exclusive photos are, but my local radio station was on location today, getting a sneak preview of Diagon Alley, the lucky gits. I'd still rather do the Leavesden Studio Tour myself, but these photos are nice eye candy. (It looks as though they've even replicated muggle London in Florida. Who would have ever thought....)

Who rocks? Muffin rocks.

Did you guys see dozmuffinxc's ttmt? Did you notice she mentioned she was sending something out? Guess who was on the receiving end of that fabulousness.

Miss J gifted the girls and me with some truly amazing things....I know she wants to cover them in this week's video. So this is the sneak peek.

Suffice it to say, Miss J has MADE OUR DAY.